Perú 2013/12


Hola! Long time, no… blog? Happy 2014 everyone, today I have brought some of the very few photos I took while I was adventuring in Perú! I was there from 2013/12/13-2013/12/22, and I had an AMAZING time! If anyone is ever interested in visiting Peru, let me know! I will definitely come and join you! haha :) 

As I stated earlier though, I took very few photos and these are honestly most of them! I took way more footage and as a result, I was actually able to craft a video from it all! So I will be leaving said video below so make sure you watch it if you are interested in seeing more of Perú!

It is seriously one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited, I highly recommend you go there once in your life. Even if you go just to see Machu Picchu, that wonder-of-the-world is reason enough to go!

Anyway, I am aiming to use this blog more often, so I hope to see you soon! Adiós~


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